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Elderflower Margarita with Jurassic Salt

This twist on the classic Margartia brings it perfectly in line with the tastes of southern England. All along the Jurassic coast elderflowers can be collected through may and june to make a delicious, long lasting, cordial. Adding a dash of elderflower makes the classic maragrita slightly more manageable for less enthusiastic drinkers. Along with the salty rim of the glass this makes the drink perfectly balanced. Jurassic Salt is, of course, perfect for the job.

For a virgin (alcohol free) alternative thats just as punchy try substituting the alcohol for an equal quantity of orange juice and an extra squeeze of fresh lime.

Elderflower Margarita with Jurassic Salt


  • A Handful of Small Sardines Per Person,

  • Olive Oil,

  • Several Pinches of Jurassic Salt.



  • Prepare the sardines for cooking by gutting (if not already done). Run a knife from the anus of the fish along its belly to the gills and remove the innards through this hole. I usually remove the fishes heads but, as mentioned, this is only necessary on larger ones. Running the knife in the same motion again, along the spine, through the flesh of the fish but not all the way, will cut a path that allows the spine to be removed. Some larger pin bones will come out with it.

  • Rinse the gutted fish in clean water.

  • In a flat dish prepare a mix of olive oil and several pinches of Jurassic Salt. (We Recommend our Finest Sea Salt Crystals of Premium Finishing Flakes for this recipe).

  • Toss the sardines through the salt and oil, thoroughly coating them.

  • Place on the hot BBQ grill and cook for 1 or 2 minutes each side.

  • Serve with several salad leaves.

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