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Elderflower Margarita with Jurassic Salt

Elderflower Margarita with Jurassic Salt

This twist on the classic Margartia brings it perfectly in line with the tastes of southern England. All along the Jurassic coast elderflowers can be collected through may and June to make a delicious, long lasting, cordial. Adding a dash of elderflower makes the classic margarita slightly more manageable for less enthusiastic drinkers. Along with the salty rim of the glass this makes the drink perfectly balanced. Jurassic Salt is, of course, perfect for the job.

For a virgin (alcohol free) alternative that's just as punchy try substituting the alcohol for an equal quantity of orange juice and an extra squeeze of fresh lime.

Elderflower Margarita with Jurassic Salt

1 Serving

•50ml (two shots) Tequila - Dark is Best
•25ml (one shot) Elderflower Cordial
•25ml (one shot) Lime Juice - Freshly Squeezed
•Jurassic Salt Traditional Sea Salt
•Plenty of Ice
•Lime Wedges or Elderflower Sprigs to Garnish

• On a flat dish place several pinches of Jurassic Salt. This will be to rim the glass - giving each sip a salty finish.

• Squeeze the lime juice and cut the remaining limes into wedges.

• Use a lime wedge to run around the rim of the glass.

• Pick up the glass and rub the wetted edge through the Jurassic Salt. This should leave an even coating of flakes. Gently set down the glass.

• To make the drink: Combine all liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with a large handful of ice cubes. Shake vigourously for thirty seconds.

• Using the straining head of the shaker decant the chilled drink into the salted glass. Finish with a lime wedge and sprig of elderflowers. Enjoy!

Elderflower Margarita with Jurassic Salt
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