Welcome to the Jurassic Coast

Welcome to Jurassic Salt

Jurassic Salt, based in Purbeck, Dorset, is an Artisan, traditional methods salt company. We collect the purest sea water from the Jurassic Coast and produce premium quality Sea Salt flakes. THE production process is centred around using solar energy, the warmth of the sun, to evaporate sea water and create the most flavoursome British sea salt. Our mission at Jurassic Salt is to promote the sustainable enjoyment of the world’s best food and drinks.

“Trust no one unless you have eaten much salt with them".

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Who's behind Jurassic Salt?

 Jurassic salt is a small business built and run by two friends, Jurassic coast locals and salty sea-dogs, Jack and James.


Jack, an experienced local businessman from Swanage, Dorset. He started creating sea salt in 2018. Jack is the science behind the sea salt production and he holds the secrets of creating a range of, very pure, high quality sea salts for a variety of uses.


Local chef, artist and author from London and the Jurassic Coast. With several years of professional cooking experience and many hours at sea off the Jurassic Coast. James certainly knows what proper sea salt tastes like. 

What is the Jurassic Coast?

The Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO world heritage site in southern England. It takes in around 100 miles of coastline from Dorset to Devon and includes famous sites such as Old Harry, Durdle Door, Portland Bill and Lyme Bay. The 'Jurassic' period, after which the coast is named took place 201 to 145 million years ago. Fossils from this period are exposed in the rocks along the coast. This means that minerals deposited during the lives of dinosaurs, microscopic bits of health and history, make their way into all Jurassic Salt.

What is low-input salt production?

On an earth rapidly changing under the effects of climate change it is essential that all individuals and businesses take steps to reduce the collective carbon impact of humanity. The beauty spots of the Jurassic coast are especially vulnerable to pollution, sea-level rise and simple littering. At Jurassic Salt we use 'low input' techniques to produce salt with the lowest possible environmental impact. This means taking advantage of the sun to evaporate water for us, just like ancient salt manufacturers. When the sun isn't so bright we use locally sourced sustainable timber to light our fires. In addition to our production techniques Jurassic Salt offers a local alternative to long distance imports of salt from countries where the sun always shines brightly.



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jurassic salt hand made traditional sea salt from the jurassic coast

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