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Jurassic Salt Traditional Sea Salt (50g Tin).


The Jurassic Salt traditional sea salt tin is the perfect salt product for all settings. This tin is small, portable, strong and secure. Made of high quality reusable and recyclable aluminium you can take this excellent salt anywhere.


In the kitchen the tin makes grabbing just a little pinch of sea salt flakes an easy task. The blue tin contains Jurassic Salt's perfectly white traditional sea salt, suitiable for all cooking applications; as an ingredient, or a finishing salt.


We started Jurassic Salt with quality in mind and take pride in our delicious flakes of sea salt, slightly softer than most for easier crushing and a faster release of flavour.


The salt is produced with pure sea water from the Jurassic coast by hand, sun and fire. Jurassic salt is one of the highest quality and best tasting salts on the U.K. market, produced with only water from the Jurassic Coast and using low-input methods. 



Jurassic Salt Traditional Sea Salt Tin (50g)