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Salty BBQ Sardines with Jurassic Salt

Salty BBQ Sardines with Jurassic Salt

Nothing is better than the taste of a salty sardine. These tiny fish make the perfect seaside pub snack and they are quick and easy to make at home; as long as there is a hot BBQ at the ready. Sardines come in a variety of sizes so decide on portion sizes in response to this one may of course more easily eat lots of small sardines than lots of big ones. Indeed, the smaller fish may be better, their size means any bones that remain in the final product are less of an issue for the teeth.

Salty BBQ Sardines with Jurassic Salt

Serves 2

•Handful of small sardines per person
• Olive Oil
• Jurassic Salt

• Prepare a hot BBQ.

• Ready the sardines for cooking by gutting (if not already done), run a knife from the anus of the fish along its belly to the gills and remove the innards through this hole. I usually remove the fishes heads but, as mentioned, this is only necessary on larger ones. Running the knife in the same motion again, along the spine, through the flesh of the fish but not all the way, will cut a path that allows the spine to be removed. Along with it some larger pin bones will come.

• Rinse the gutted fish in clean water.

• In a flat dish prepare a mix of olive oil and Jurassic Sea Salt Flakes.

• Toss the sardines through the salt and oil, thoroughly coating them.

• Place on the hot BBQ grill, skin side down, and cook for 1 or 2 minutes each side.

• Serve with salad leaves.

Salty BBQ Sardines with Jurassic Salt
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